What Feels Different?

So I’ve been asking myself these questions the last couple of days — the ones from the first post. How would I be different if I had fancier credits? How would I feel different?

And, most importantly, what can I do to feel that way now? 

When I pass someone on the street, did they just recongize me? How do fancy people cross the street? I know I’m on my way to the Citibike stand, but that woman I just passed doesn’t… so as far as she’s concerned, I’m on my way to my put-in rehearsal for the star whom I’m replacing.

I gotta say: it feels good. 

I also took another piece of my own advice: I sang yesterday. Really sang. I got a studio and gave myself the time to feel how great it is to sing music I love, not music I have to sing. To investigate what a song is really about, not just what notes the composer expects me to deliver. 

It was super fun and reminded me why I love musical theater. 

So day three of my experiment, and I’d say we’re on the right track. Feeling good. 

Thanks for reading. (I can’t believe you are, by the way… but I do appreciate it.) 🙂